Partner Program

We are bringing together a group of independent, specialized pet stores with a nationwide reach as part of the Moby Dick Partnership Program. We strive for the stores within the program to have a similar image and a diverse assortment in line with the store profile, to the best of their ability. We collaborate with smaller entities (Moby Dick Mini Program Partner Store marked in a light color on the map) as well as larger stores (Moby Dick Program Partner Store marked in a darker color on the map). We also offer various types of agreements, such as Moby Dick Network and Premium for Partners who wish to collaborate more closely with Hobby Company.

A film presenting the Moby Dick Network of Zoological Stores Partnership Program.

The primary advantage of the program is the respect for the independence of its participants while simultaneously strengthening business relationships, aiming to achieve common goals in a highly competitive market.

We believe that the Moby Dick program represents the simplest form of collaboration within a group, uniting both the buyer and the supplier. Convenient terms of cooperation, freedom in choosing the assortment, marketing support, and the absence of so-called bureaucracy make Moby Dick the best alternative for stores competing in the zoological market with retail chains or the online market.

We offer the benefits of network trade combined with traditional economic freedom. A store participating in the program remains a completely independent company, with its owner, as an autonomous entrepreneur, making decisions about its overall operation.

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