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P.W. “Hobby” is polish pet food manufacturer of food for small mammals, rodents, birds, dogs and we are proud to play leading role on our domestic market. But that is not the only thing we do –  We are also importer and distributor of several other brands, most notable being  German brand“Trixie” .At present our offer covers more than 500 items for rodents, birds, reptiles, cats, dogs and fish. We are best known for our two international brands: Vitapol and Lolo Pets, but we are also importer and distributor of  accessories, toys and other gadgets for dogs and cats for domestic and international markets. In the past, we were first importer of the following brands for Poland: JBL, Sera, Hunter, Hobby, Dupla, Astra, Europet, Vitakraft, Gimborn and Hagen. Since 1989 we are distributor of Flexi brand – manufacturer of dogs leashes. Cooperation with our recent biggest business partner “Trixie” had started in 1994 and  in 2005 we became the exclusive distributor of “Trixie” for Poland. At the present, overall sales of this brand is more than 40% of total turnover for the company. For several years we have been  distributor of Happy Dog and Happy Cat brands. Recently we became importer and distributor of Italian cages and accessories for birds. Despite the fact that we ended cooperation with some companies, our position on the global market got stronger, because we truly believe that  good and long term relationship with our business partners is the best way to achieve mutual benefit.

P.W. Hobby


The business began in 1980’s as „Aquarium Poland”. It started with breeding and exporting ornamental fish. In 1988 we extended our scope with importing items for pets. In 1992 we opened the production of high-quality foods under the brand Vitapol. In 1994 we have started the cooperation with the German company named Trixie. Between 1996 and 1997 we became a direct importer of dog chewing toys from Far East. Right after that we started cooperation with Interquell company. Constant development of cooperation places us among the biggest importers of pet products in Poland. In 2005 we also introduced a new brand called Lolo Pets that offered also products for dogs. This brand is intended for selling to supermarkets. We also created the sub- brand “Lolo Pets Classic” in 2009. This brand includes food for rodents,small mammals, birds, cat litter, pond fish food, snacks and bakery products for dogs and accessories for dogs and cats. During 21 years of its history our company has experienced multiple reconstructions, which helped us to adjust our offer to the ever changing market requirements. We are constantly changing and updating recipes of our products to satisfy our customer needs, therefore  we are consistently  creating new brands and extending our product range.


Our offer is very broad. The leading brand “Vitapol” covers more than 500 items including about 80 different tastes of “Smakers” – the widest selection of flavors available on the market. We are proud to announce that we also have the biggest sized “Smakers” in our offer – 500g especially tailored for big parrots. We also have several lines of complete food for various species of small mammals, rodents, birds and reptiles packed in doypacks, boxes, bags and buckets. You may also find in our offer snacks, drops, limes, hay, litter, sand and other different products. Our lines of product are designed to fulfill diverse needs of our customers and their pets.  We constantly respond to changing trends with new ideas and innovations. Starting from best quality “Premium Line” through highly specialized brands like Vitaline, Magic, Sensitive, Weekend Style, Aroma Line to the Economic line we are convinced that every customer may find perfectly satisfying product tailored to his needs.

P.W. Hobby

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