production line

The company P.W. Hobby has several production lines.

Lolo Pets Classic is a line of dog treats that focus on dental hygiene, well-being, and overall condition. Our range includes tasty, wheat-based, easily digestible biscuits designed specifically for gum and teeth care. Their hardness mechanically removes bacterial plaque, reduces tartar buildup, and freshens breath. Improper oral hygiene can lead to diseases, and dental issues can affect the behavior of animals. Chewing biscuits has a positive impact on the mental health of dogs.

Lolo Pets Classic biscuits also serve as the perfect reward for completing tasks or during training. They are available in dogs’ favorite flavors, in various sizes and shapes. Additionally, we offer ready-made cakes in various flavors, which make an excellent gift for your dog on birthdays or holidays. The latest addition is mini cakes designed for small dog breeds.

By offering these treats, we not only delight dogs with their taste but also care for their health and condition.


Ensuring the well-being of our small pets is our top priority. The high quality of ingredients is of paramount importance. We offer top-quality pet food and treats that provide essential vitamins and nutrients for proper development.

  1. Hay is an important product in our range. We prioritize using locally-sourced materials, ensuring their eco-friendly origin while considering the low chemical use in Polish agriculture.
  2. Our pet foods are based on natural ingredients, reflecting the animals’ environment. The wide variety of ingredients, sometimes up to 45, ensures a vital source of nutrition.
  3. Quality is closely monitored at every stage of production by our Quality Control Department. High uniqueness is achieved through the manual production process for 80% of Smakers, Vitaburgery pet food, and treats for rodents and rabbits.
  4. The multi-ingredient compositions include fruits, vegetables, grains, seeds, granules, and extrudates. The granule form guarantees complete, balanced nutrition.
  5. Our packaging features advanced technology: a protective atmosphere extends shelf life, a window provides visibility, and the closure system facilitates storage. Modern graphics and materials ensure an attractive appearance.

We are committed to continuous improvement for you and your pets.

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