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EXO TERRA: The Revelation in the World of Terraristics!

The EXO TERRA story began in 2005 when the brand made its debut with pioneering products, captivating numerous breeders and enthusiasts of exotic creatures embarking on their fascinating journey with this very brand. Today, EXO TERRA undeniably stands as the leader in the terrarium industry, offering a wide range of excellent products.

EXO TERRA products are characterized by the highest level of precision. They were created to mimic the natural living conditions of terrarium inhabitants. EXO TERRA is also known for creating products tailored to various climates, such as the TIKI, Aztec, Frog series, and many more. This wealth of options gives us tremendous opportunities for furnishing and decorating terrariums.

EXO TERRA Assortment: In the realm of EXO TERRA, glass terrariums of various sizes take the spotlight. Each is equipped with walls facilitating climbing, catering to the natural instincts of reptiles. The range also includes mesh terrariums with a tray.

Smaller species can be comfortably housed in special breeding boxes or faunariums.

In addition to cages, EXO TERRA also offers terrarium bowls, hideouts, modern lighting systems, efficient heating sources, essential supplements, precise thermostats, thermometers, hygrometers, and misters. Explore the full product range on our dedicated website.

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