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Global responsibility

Caring for the environment is the most important issue for us. Therefore, in the concern of nature we create our products in such a way as not to upset its balance. Our global responsibility is evident at every stage of development of each of our product. We try to make our customers aware that by buying our food they share our passion and attention of welfare and health of their pets as much as of their own. By selling our products we pass on our extensive experience in the proper animal nutrition and the knowledge that our products are all natural. The origin of raw materials, which we borrow from nature is known to everyone: they are clean, selected vegetables, fruits, cereals and oil seeds from clean Polish regions. None of them is a subject of thermal or chemical processing. Over the years we have worked out how to blend compositions meeting the high demands on nutrition, hygiene and the quality of our products in the best way. Many years of experience ensure us a proper selection of raw materials to be supplied only by qualified and reputable suppliers. We have a HACCP system and introduce ISO 9001:2009. In the short term, we plan to provide documentary evidence of the activities, based on ISO 14001, confirming our eco-friendly approach.