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Mission and vision


"For the love of animals with a passion for innovation, with the call of creating the very best."

Who are we?

We are a rapidly growing company which carefully listens to the needs of our clients and their animals. With many years of experience and passion put into the search for the best product we were able to create the best quality food. And thanks to modern technology in the packaging, our products are fresh and sterile, and the blend which is inside has a full-value and is created only from natural ingredients. All this makes our products have an extended validity period of 2 years, and we as the manufacturer take full responsibility for their quality.

The vision of the Company

Where are we going and what we want to achieve?

We are consistent in our aspiration of achieving goals such as improving the quality of our services, seeking new strategic partners who, together with us, will share a passion which is the Pet Business, as well as gaining more and more customers to create with them a community of animal lovers. The knowledge we have and long practice are our competitive advantage. These skills help us to find newer and newer solutions in the creation of what is best for animals. Our experience in working with people and creating a friendly working environment make us an attractive and modern employer. We want to change people's awareness as well as the importance of animals in our world, supporting numerous charity actions in the field of zoology.

What do we offer?

We offer the richest and widest range of food for animals, particularly birds and rodents, in two prestigious brands which are Vitapol® and Lolo Pets®. We offer the largest selection of as many as 60 flavors of smakers® sticks in the world, and the biggest sticks for large parrots. Our speciality is taking care of the highest quality products that come to the most demanding customers: animals. Thanks to our watchful observations and knowledge of the animals we are experts at their needs and professionals in the industry. We also offer a long-lasting and stable relationship with our business partners and customers. The company provides wide opportunities for their employees by allowing them to educate themselves and improve our chosen career path and profession


What values are particularly important to us?

Hobby is a trustworthy company. Honesty to our customers and partners is put at the first place and has been made the foundation of our business. Achieving perfection in what we create is essential for us. Our perseverance makes our products outperform global trends and set new ones and the Quality Control Department ensures the maintenance the set of standards and quick response to any complaint