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Lolo Pets Classic - trats at its best

Wstecz Lolo Pets Classic is a line of specially developed dog treats that care for the hygiene of the teeth, as well as for their condition and well-being.

Lolo Pets Classic offers tasty cookies for dogs with a specially selected recipe. Wheat and easily digestible biscuits, based only on natural ingredients, are the perfect complement to the dogs' daily diet. The appropriate hardness of cookies plays a significant role in the care and care for the healthy condition of the gums and teeth of four-legged pets. When biting cookies, the bacterial plaque is removed mechanically, thanks to which the formation of tartar is reduced, while refreshing the breath. Poor oral hygiene in dogs can lead to many diseases, including liver, kidney, and even heart disease. Dental diseases are very painful and make your pet feel unwell, which may be reflected in their daily behavior. Losing teeth in dogs often means switching to a special diet based on softer foods, which often means that you should not eat your dog's favorite foods. In addition to maintaining strong and healthy teeth, chewing cookies gives dogs pleasure and has a positive effect on their psyche and well-being.

Lolo Pets Classic cookies are also suitable as a reward after the correct performance of the task we put in front of our pet, which makes them an ideal idea for effective training. Nothing motivates you to continue to act correctly than an appropriate, tasty reward. As a result, cookies are often used by Agility players. The Lolo Pets Classic brand willingly sponsors various competitions and has its own Lolo Pets Classic Cup series. This cup series of events has been organized since 2015. The series consists of 3 events. The races are run according to the FCI regulations. At each event, agility open, jumping open and the total of these two runs are designated. Lolo Pets Classic was also a sponsor of the 12-person team of the 2018 Agility World Championship in Sweden. Cookies are available in many of the dog's favorite flavors, ranging from mint through vegetable, chocolate, banana and vanilla, and available in a mix of flavors. Cookies are offered in the shape of bones of various sizes, so that their size can be adjusted to the type of dog.

Among the pastries, Lolo Pets Classic also offers ready-made dog cakes unique on the market, which are the perfect gift for a four-legged pet on the occasion of birthdays, holidays or showing his sympathy on no occasion, just for being with us every day. Each of the bone-shaped cakes has hand-made decorations. The cakes are available in four flavors preferred by dogs: meat and vegetable, nut and chocolate, apple and forest fruit.

The brand's offer also includes drops in three delicious flavors and in two sizes. Drops are packed with vitamins, making them a nutritious snack for dogs. They are perfect as a supplement to the dog's diet and as a reward during training. Drops are sealed in an airtight DOYPACK bag, which helps keep them fresh longer after opening.

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